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Thank You for Voting

The voting period has ended.

The Nashville Shambhala Meditation Group governing council has recommended that we abandon the Shambhala Charter based on systemic issues and a mishandling of harm by the teacher, lineage holder and board.

Our group operates as a religious non-profit, with non-profit benefits to our donors and members under the Shambhala Charter. The use of the term "Shambhala" and it's specific teachings are granted by the charter. This charter is wholly dependent upon and under the control of Sakyong Jamgon Mipham Rinpoche, the Shambhala lineage holder and single overseer of Shambhala and its centers and groups. Leaving the charter will, by implication mean we must form a new religious non-profit in Tennessee and transfering the phyical and financial assets to the new non-profit.

This action, upon which the vote is regarding, will only set in motion the departure from the charter. It is not an action as to the name, activities or principles of a new group. Those will be determined by the new group. The new group will be Buddhist, open, governed by shared, transparent power, and a safe place to meditate.